Commitment to the environment, social responsibility and best corporate governance practices guide our conduct criteria. Environmental and social awareness underpins all our actions and is directly linked to the Semapa Group’s corporate policies.  

 Because contributing to a better, more sustainable and equitable world is always a worthwhile investment. 





Making it better means being an integral and active part of creating a sustainable future. This is the mission of Semapa, which invests its resources with the aim of creating value and positively impacting the quality of life of present and future generations.   

Sustainability is our priority and we internalise best practices in our daily activities and decision-making processes, aiming for the best environmental performance, whether it’s transforming waste into renewable energy, making heavy industries cleaner and more sustainable or using innovative solutions to decarbonise industrial production.    

Semapa adopts the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations in its strategy, investments and actions. We have also created a Charter of Commitments with criteria for sustainable action that are transversal to all the companies that belong to the Semapa Group.   

Because Making it Better is about joining forces for the planet and for all of us. 


Social Responsibility

Semapa Group is guided by the strategic principle of promoting sustainable development in the communities with which it interacts and is involved in various initiatives to improve the quality of life of people and communities.   

This is why we promote a deep commitment to our people, investing in their abilities to generate impact. We lead with empathy, creating purpose-driven cultures that challenge individuals and teams to do their best work. Unleashing their creativity to innovate for bolder results.  

Social responsibility is also a priority area for Semapa, an example of which is its support for institutions such as the Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso Foundation and the Salvador Association.   

 Internationally, Portucel Moçambique has strengthened its areas of action under the Social Development Programme. We are also dedicated to establishing protocols to support and incentivise institutions that promote social inclusion, sports and cultural activities in the communities where they operate. The focus on responsibility extends to our subsidiaries, such as The Navigator Company and Secil.   

  Because Making it better is about building a better, more inclusive world that seeks out, gathers and values the best talent.