Our History

The history of Semapa dates back to the early 1990s and followed a growth trajectory supported by acquisitions and investments. Today, Semapa is one of the largest business groups in the country, with a relevant impact on the national and international economy, and a presence in four continents.

Founded by the Queiroz Pereira family, whose members are reference investors in Portugal, the company has been listed on the Euronext Lisbon (PSI) since 1995.
Founded by the Queiroz Pereira family, whose members are reference investors in Portugal, the company has been listed on the Euronext Lisbon (PSI) since 1995.
Our History
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Incorporation of Semapa
  • Semapa was incorporated on 21 June 1991.


Semapa acquires Secil and Enersis
  • Semapa enters the cement market, by winning the privatisation tender for 51% of Secil — Companhia Geral de Cal e Cimento, S.A. and for 80% of CMP — Cimentos Maceira e Pataias, S.A.. Across the three factories, it holds an installed capacity of 3.5 million tons of cement.
  • Acquisition of 52% of Enersis — renewable energies.


IPO of Semapa shares
  • 2nd phase of privatisation of Secil (7.94%) and of CMP (20%).
  • IPO of Semapa shares: 2.5 million shares in Portugal, 4.5 million placed with foreign institutional investors (through a book-building system, a first in Portugal for a privately held company) and a greenshoe of 1 million shares.


Internationalisation of Secil
  • Acquisition of 98.7% of the Tunisian cement company Société des Ciments de Gabès, with an installed capacity of 1.1 million tons of cement.
  • Entry into the cement market in Angola, through Tecnosecil (Lobito), currently Secil Angola.


Participation in a cement company in Lebanon
  • Acquisition of 21.2% of the Lebanese cement company Ciment de Sibline SAL, with an installed capacity of 1.2 million tons of cement.


Purchase of Navigator
  • Semapa sells 49% of Secil’s voting rights to CRH.
  • Entry into the pulp and paper sector, after winning the public privatisation tender for 30% of Portucel — Empresa Produtora de Pasta de Papel, S.A., currently The Navigator Company, S.A.
  • Launch of Public Takeover Offer of The Navigator Company shares, now holding 67.10% of the company’s share capital.


Sale of Enersis
  • Sale of Enersis to Babcock & Brown.
  • Secil now holds 100% of Secil Angola and 51% of the cement factory Encime, currently Secil Lobito.
  • Secil acquires a bagged cement terminal, in Cape Verde.


Acquisition of ETSA
  • Semapa enters the environment sector, with the acquisition of ETSA.


Navigator: inauguration of new paper factory
  • Navigator inaugurates the UWF paper factory, with a production capacity of about 500 thousand tons/year.


Acquisition in Brazil and a minority stake of Secil
  • Acquisition of 50% of Supremo Cimentos S.A., which ran a cement factory in the south of Brazil, with a plan to expand its capacity to about two million .
  • Semapa acquires Secil’s 49% held by CRH.


Navigator enters the tissue business
  • Navigator acquires the tissue production business AMS BR — Star Paper S.A. Portugal, with 30 thousand tons’ tissue production capacity and 50 thousand tons’ converting capacity. That same year, this factory’s production capacity grows to 60 thousand tons’ tissue and 64 thousand tons’ converting.
  • Public Exchange Offer of 1 Semapa share for 3.4 Navigator shares. Consequently, Semapa reduced its stake in Navigator from 75.85% to 64.84% of the share capital.


Secil: acquisition in Spain
  • Secil acquires a cement terminal, two quarries and thirteen ready-mix concrete, in Spain.


Semapa Next Launch
  • Creation of Semapa Next, the investment arm in Semapa’s start-ups (venture capital). 
  • Start-up of the increase in pulp production capacity in Figueira da Foz, from a nominal capacity of 580 to 650,000 tonnes/year.   
  • Inauguration of a new tissue factory in Aveiro, with a capacity of 70,000 tonnes/year of tissue and 70,000 tonnes/year of converting. 


Semapa enters the hydrogen business for energy efficiency
  • Semapa acquires 50% of the capital of the company UTIS — Ultimate Technology to Industrial Savings, Lda.
  • Secil begins an investment in CCL — Clean Cement Line, at the Outão factory, which will enable a 20% reduction in CO₂ emissions, a 20% increase in energy efficiency, and the production of 30% of the electric energy used through heat recovery from the process itself.


Semapa renews its image and discloses the purpose “Making it better”
  • Semapa renews its image and adopts a new purpose, reflected in the motto: “Making it better”.
  • Semapa expands its partnership with Ultimate Cell, consolidating in UTIS (50/50 joint venture between Semapa and the partner) all continuous internal combustion optimization solutions with hydrogen injection.
  • Start of construction of a new manufacturing plant of ETSA, in Coruche, “ETSA ProHy”.


Purchase of Triangle’s and Navigator expands tissue business
  • Navigator acquires a tissue business in Spain, with 35 thousand tons’ capacity of tissue paper production and 60 thousand tons’ converting.
  • Semapa purchases Triangle’s, a company which produces frames for e-bikes.