Our business and our culture are designed from the ground up to activate the brightest minds to make smart investments, generate value, and deliver growth.

And, because change at scale is fundamentally a people-driven pursuit, we have brought together teams with deep expertise and a growth mindset to challenge assumptions about what’s been done in the past and to make it better every day.

Three core beliefs guide how we do this:

  • Keep it human. We make work personal with a focus on connected relationships built on trust.
  • Make it simple. We aim to be focused, generative, and fast.
  • Act with agency. We own our actions and our outcomes.


Real experience

We don’t sit in ivory towers and give advice. We get our hands dirty with operational teams to help them deliver on their promise and potential.

Broad exposure

Our flat and flexible structure means that each of us is close to where decisions get made across a range of industries, opportunities, and challenges.

Professional and personal enrichment

We invest heavily in your development so that you can make your biggest contribution—and be rewarded for it.

We continue to look for people to join our team and help us in making it better. Let’s talk if it sounds like you. .

Get to Know our Team
Ana Pinto Magalhães
Andreia Gabriel Pereira
Ângela Santos
Bruno Cardoso
Carla Carvalho
Catarina Marques
Daniela Romeiro
Frederico Figueiredo
Hugo Pinto
Isabel Viegas
Joana Correa
Joana Lopes Luís
Joana Reto
João Lopes
João Paulo Pereira
José Almeida Fernandes
Leonor Barreiros Cardoso
Margarida Rebocho
Paula Bastos
Paulo Costa
Ricardo Pires

Rodrigo Brito
Rui Gouveia
Susana Coutinho
Tiago de Noronha
Vera Mendes
Vítor Paranhos Pereira